A webcasting platform for the whole enterprise

Business went global years ago. Big enterprises have employees and divisions around the world. While that’s great for making the business more efficient, more strategic, and even more profitable, communication suffers. With so many people speaking so many different languages it can be hard to deliver a unified message. Now, with ReadyComm’s webcasting platform and its real-time closed captioning into more than 100 languages, you can deliver live video content directly to your global teams in a language they understand.

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    Closed captioning in more than 100 languages

    Eliminate the high cost of live translators and the delay that comes with after-the-event transcriptions. Instead, speak directly to your global teams in languages that they can understand with real-time closed captioning.

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    A platform built on solid technologies

    ReadyComm’s platform sits on a rock-solid foundation that allows us to serve clients all over the world. We partner with Akamai, the largest content distribution network in the world, to produce global events with 100,000’s of live viewers. By building long-lasting relationships with our customers, we are able to invest in new technologies and services that will enhance and improve the virtual meeting experience.

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    An experienced team to oversee your broadcast

    Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to plan your live webcast from your location. We have support staff all around the world and are able to handle the advance planning of your event, doing everything from ensuring proper internet connectivity to securing the lighting, the audio equipment, and the camera crews. And on the day of your broadcast we handle all aspects of the production, allowing you to focus on the most important thing—the message.

Our Clients

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    Each year Johnson & Johnson creates a multi-site production to award employees for excellence. ReadyComm manages the broadcast technology at each of the international sites and the global webcast, using Cisco video conferencing systems at each of the international sites to ensure the highest quality and most reliable transmission.

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    ReadyComm helped Janssen Pharmaceuticals reducecosts and reach global employees by replacing expensive after-the-fact even translations with real-time, native-language closed captioning.

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    When DePuy Orthopaedics acquired Synthes, a Swiss firm, ReadyComm helped manage a two-way international live event. Not only did this involve satellite uplinks at both locations, it required linking two large in-room audiences so that each site could see and hear the other and then making sure the web audience could see and hear them both. The event was flawless.

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